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You make choices every day. Some choices are easy to make, like deciding between eating in or dining out. Some choices require more information, expert advice, and planning . . . like selecting fabrics or accessories for your home. Some decorating decisions not only create the ambience for your home, but also reflect your personality. As an Independent Registered Interior Designer,
The Jenkins Interior Design Group
can save time and reduce frustrations and expenses in planning interior design projects.

The Jenkins Interior Design Group provides free in-home consultations to assist in developing a decorating plan which can be implemented all at once or over a period of time. We also offer several payment plans to meet your individual needs.

Perhaps you have a room which is still not complete and a few finishing touches are all you need. Our "magical make-over" is available. Call us at
The Jenkins Interior Design Group
to set a time to meet and consider our exclusive "ideas" to help you make your decorating dreams come true.

Our services include: custom draperies; window treatments; mirrors; custom art; furniture; custom lamps; wall coverings; oriental and area rugs; carpet and flooring; artwork and framing; finishing touches; floral and silk plants; and Christmas decorating for commercial and residential projects.

Enjoy your new beginning; your home is your castle!

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